Integrated Communications & Commerce
Engage your customers, take orders online, use multiple channels, SMS / Whatsapp / Email / Telegram etc, the easiest integrated platform ever

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New age integrated marketing & commerce platform

Qfast is an enabler of conversational commerce by providing the marketing teams an easy to use platform to engage with customers using rich and contextual information on platforms like WhatsApp / WeChat / Telegram alongside traditional platforms such as SMS and Email.
It has an integrated Order Management module that does not need a custom app.

Traditionally marketing on SMS / Email has been outbound. Inbound has been limited to web form based reach-outs, custom bots, user behavior led engagement. Standard engagement modes are mostly transactional Q/A time lapsed session. Chat / Messenger Platforms are becoming de facto standards for communication and add tremendous value in establishing identity of a user, maintain historical context and personalize on-going engagement including online ordering, tracking and payment reconciliation



Engagement  metrics

Engagement metrics

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

Easy Ordering & Tracking

Easy Ordering & Tracking

Now separate the signal from the noise in your communication

Enable your channels to engage seamlessly with their users and improve efficiency, impact and sales.

Customer engagement platform in India
Reinvent the customer experience
Whatsapp Marketing Platform

Customer engagement and order management

Discover effortless commerce and communication

• Take online customer orders on your own brand without paying to aggregators.

• Make your campaigns work better for you.

• Now engage with customers one on one using any channel of your choice

• Derive more ROI by tracking the number of responses you receive for each campaign