An integrated commerce and communications platform

Qfast has both the communication and commerce solution that allows you engage with your customers and get them to BUY from you.
Orders, offers and campaigns can now be truly customized.

An integrated store & marketing platform for the new generation!

Saas based application


The platform is a SaaS based application which allows you to focus on your marketing activities and not be worried about its management. You can also make offers and take orders.
multi-channel communication platform

Multi Channel

Engage with customers via Chat messengers ( WhatsApp, Telegram), SMS, E-mail & more... Enable commerce (including payment gateway + reconciliation) without the need for an APP.

Secure & Easy

Target individual customers with your campaign with personaliztion. Control who gets to participate in what offer. Ensure your order and payment is always in sync.
Query Data

Query Data

With your consumer communication, campaigns, offers / deals AND customer orders + interactions ALL in ONE PLACE, you are truly in CONTROL

Get personal with your customers. Build relationships, old and new

Personalized Marketing Communication


Profile customers based on certain data and engage based on historical conversations
List Segmentation

List Segmentation

Create unlimited groups of the lists; Send messages only to list subscribers that match predefined segmentation rules
Bot Enabled Automation

Integrated Ordering

Ensure that your customers can order products on sale with just one click. No apps to download.
Historical Messages

Historical Messages

View / act based onl conversations and order history. Reach each user and offer unique to ensure connectedness

Put your audience at the heart of your business

Special Interest Groups

Community engagement

Group customers / users based on various parameters like Geo / Product purchased / Uniqueness
Engagement Stats

Online Sales

Reach out to your customers online in their preferred channel, WITHOUT the need for an app. Get sales growth instantly.
Content Management Platform

Order Management

Send links that have products, offers, detailed multi-media information across channels
List Management

List Management

Add customers automatically on ordering, through an API or import from a CSV file. Manage your product catalog in a simple web interface.

Single stop CRM, Marketing and Online Storefront with Qfast!


Ready Product Catalog & Campaign templates

Get your campaign going in the language of your choice with pre-configured template options

Automated Responses

Automated Responses

Dynamically create “if / then” option during on-going engagement across different groups
Custom Attributes

Quick & Easy ordering + reconciliation

Use your own SMS / Whatsapp numbers, manage your customers privately and reconcile orders to payments in a jiffy.
Auto Tagging

Integrated (all in one)

This is an integrated CRM, Marketing and Online sales platform. No need to pay aggregators and multiple platform vendors.