Re-imagine digital commerce with QCommerce

In a world that is increasingly becoming digitally-enabled, consumers are adopting services and products being offered online through digital commerce.

Today, digital commerce has great opportunities for businesses to increase revenue and create higher customer engagement and loyalty.

With COVID-19 uncertainties & unexpected lockdowns, customer visits to stores have slowed down. It is important that products in your stores are visible to your consumers online. 

Get personal with your customers. Build relationships, old and new

Personalized Marketing Communication

Customer Focus

Perform targeted & personalised marketing via our multi-channel customer engagement channels. Easily publish & push products online based on new market trends and customer demands.
List Segmentation

Integrated CRM & Store

Collect & manage data of all your registered users, consumers and orders in a unified way. Analyse & interpret data based on consumer behaviour and buying patterns. Make offers that count.
Bot Enabled Automation

Integrated Payments

With integrated payment options, accept money through net banking, credit or debit cards or COD from your customers. You can enable QR codes and reconcile immediately.
Historical Messages

No APP to download

Get online today, without paying aggregators or intermediaries. Control your offers based on historical data unique to each user. Communicate in the local language (eg. हिंदी)

An integrated Commerce and Communications Platform

Saas based application


The platform is a SaaS based application which allows you to focus on your consumer outreach with personalized campaigns and an integrated order taking process
multi-channel communication platform

Multi Channel

Engage with customers via Chat messengers ( WhatsApp, Telegram), SMS, E-mail & more.. Book your orders on a simple 1 click process over a web-browser.


With integrated 2FA (validation of contact + customer identity), you can now control who gets to view the information and participate in offers and deals.
Query Data

Query Data

With your consumer communication, campaigns, offers / deals AND customer orders + interactions ALL in ONE PLACE, you are truly in CONTROL

Put customers at the heart of your business