For the best experience for your audience, keep in mind the following when you create your images to use with WhatsApp

  • Profile picture – Your profile should be at least 192px by 192px and can be either a JPG or PNG image. Ideally, it should be 500px by 500px.
  • Images in posts/messages: These show up as squares in the little previews. The recommended size for the image is 800px by 800px.
  • “Stories” images – While WhatsApp will do the best it can with any image size, the optimal image size for stories is 750px by 1334px.

Ensure that the file sizes use the best compression to quality ratio to ensure that your image quality is not compromised while size is optimal.

Please note that the image size does have an impact on the throughput of the number of messages that can be sent as part of the campaign.