Domain Verification & DNS Records

Qfast requires domain verification for two primary reasons :

  • First, it confirms that you are the owner of the domain, preventing unauthorized senders from using your domain in our platform.
  • Second, the SPF and DKIM records authorize our SMTP servers to send on behalf of your domain. This serves to significantly improve deliverability of your emails

To provision your EMail Services, we will need you to share the following information with us :

  • From E-Mail Address : Provide us a valid EMail Account / Mailbox which will be used to validate the domain.
  • ReplyTo Address : You may wish any replies that come in to be sent to a separate email account.
  • From Domain : The domain from which emails will go out. Refer to our note on how to pick a domain
  • Once you have provided the above information, for the domain selected, we will provide you following DNS entries – which you will need to provision / add in your DNS Control Panel
TXT – SPFTo indicate the list of servers that can send email for the domain
TXT – DKIMValidate the authenticity of messages
TXT – CNAME for Tracking For Tracking Opens / Clicks etc


Depending on who your DNS Service provider is, it can take anywhere between 24 to 48 Hours for  these changes to reflect. Once these changes reflect, we can provision your email account.