Dos and Don’ts with WhatsApp Campaigns

As a Service Provider we advice that you agree with WhatsApp’s policy, not sending spam messages and preferably wait for your contact to reach out to you first. If at all you are initiating a WhatsApp Campaign,  here are a few things to keep in mind before sending message through WhatsApp.

  • Have real content, a survey that the person agreed with is different than a marketing message on a saturday night.
  • Personalize the message to include the person’s (first) name.
  • Setup a profile picture. Sending a new message to someone not having a picture/name/status will elevate your chances of being manually tagged as spam.
  • Send “seen” confirmation to messages or disable it on WhatsApp
  • Avoid using a non-HTTPS link as part of the message.
  • For everyone you send a message that doesn’t have your number on their contact list will be asked it that’s spam, being tagged as spam a few times (5 – 10) will definitely get you banned. Hence ensure that you include the un-subscribe link by default as part of the message.
  • Try to engage in conversations with individuals. People constantly engaging with you and adding you to their contact list will make your number stronger against a ban
  • Finally, If your content is clearly spam, it doesn’t matter if you are using a broadcast list, group or direct contact, you will still be banned

Remember that, WhatsApp knows that it’s uncommon for someone to send so many messages or bulk messages to people they’ve never engaged with before, so it considers as spam/marketing junk pretty fast.

If your number does get blocked or blacklisted by WhatsApp, there is very little that we can do as a Service Provider. We are only facilitating automation of a mass reach out.