What is the difference between a Shared & Dedicated Number

Qfast provides two different types of numbers to use with WhatsApp

  • Subscribing to a plan which has a Shared number means your outgoing messages will go from a number which is shard amongst other customers. The phone number is provided by Qfast. The number though is fixed and will not accept incoming messages directly.  To allow for contacts to respond to your message, you need to enable incoming responses, under your Account’s Channel configuration. Enabling this will append a link to the message which when clicked by your contacts in SMS or WhatsApp, will open up a form where the response will be captured.  Alternatively your contacts can use a pre-defined #keyword in their messages which will then be used to route the incoming messages to your account.
  • Dedicated Numbers are just that – dedicated to be used by your brand. Phone numbers in this case are owned by you and are required to be mapped to your Qfast Account. Please ensure you have these phone numbers activated and the SIM is in a phone with WhatsApp installed, enabled and with an active internet connection. Please make sure that the phone is optimized.