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Meet your clients expectations faster than ever with Qfast!

You are an agency responsible for running campaigns for brands, managing events, advertisements and ensuring success for their products or services. You own the responsibility of driving large groups of people to experience product launches or workshops or webinars. You are tech enabled and have been able to manage client expectations using EMAILS / SMS and the like.


What if you now can reach customers in the medium of their choice and not offer expensive mobile apps to reach and engage?

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Smarter Customer Engagement
A multi-channel approach to engage customers involves using each channel effectively for the maximum output envisioned by the organization


Mandate from an OEM

Agency receives a mandate from a client to engage 500 people to a webinar for a product launch. The "ask" is to have customers who have explored the product as a trial and potential customers who are using competitors product

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The Qfast way

With Qfast, you can now send bulk sms/email messages as an outgoing campaign and drive engagement with an incoming message from interested customers on WhatsApp. You can also ensure that incoming rules are applied for identifying, tagging and engaging your target audience in a 1:1 mode.


Agency can now gather all the contacts and group them based on the product criteria as well as industry specifics and initiate a multi-channel strategy. Emails to the contacts can go out in bulk and where click through metrics are garnered, automate additional engagement using WhatsApp campaigns to ensure confirmation by a call to action in the form of a single keyword response or clicking on a bot link to capture more information and closing the loop. In short you now have a FULL CYCLE engagement i.e., Out bound and inbound as a single conversation.