Announce your modern creations to the world with Qfast

You are a premier car reseller in the market with multiple products in your showroom. Your revenues are based more on service of vehicles and not just on the sales of vehicles in a day / month. Services revenue have been mostly reference/word of mouth or proximity to a customer. Your options for cost-effective and efficient marketing has been limited.


What if we enabled you to have a more structured communication with customers in the medium of their choice and not offer expensive mobile apps to reach and engage?

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Retaining current customers is 6 to 7 times less costly than acquiring new ones.


Modern way of attracting customers

As a reseller you have invested in a huge service center and all your equipment are brand new and you want to attract customers

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The Qfast way

You now can do a bulk sms campaign with a link to redirect them to a WhatsApp channel and automate additional engagement by a one to one conversation on WhatsApp where a customer initiates response to the sms. In short you now have a FULL CYCLE engagement i.e., outbound and inbound as a single campaign


With Qfast in your strategy, you can now communicate with the potential customer in a personalized way and not be intrusive.

With Qfast you can

  1. 1. Send personalized messages to your customers old and new
  2. 2. Provide automobile maintenance tips regularly to stay connected
  3. 3. Offer premium services (including integration to a loyalty program)
  4. 4. Track responses from your sales team to ensure better services

Customers who wish to have more information can be guided to a chatbot or a team of agents for further engagement.