Drive more engagement with your students

You manage the Outreach and Students' community of an educational institution / University. Traditionally, student engagement would be limited to circulars on your notice boards or emails. Occasionally, you may also use SMS / Text messages on an urgent basis. However you do not have visibility into how many queries were in turn raised by students and how many got answered.


What if you now can accept incoming questions from students on WhatsApp, SMS or email and respond in the same channel using a simple interface and keep audit trail and also alert you when messages are not answered by your team

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Data is the new oil. By analyzing the data that you collect digitally, you are able to bring a transformation that enables you to perform better


Engage with Students and community!

Whether you are trying to engage with NEW applicants or the existing student community,  the current challenging environment has kept all students out of the university buildings and are mostly at home in different countries. This has also pushed most of your engagement online and you have been bombarded with email queries along with calls at odd hours and you could use some help from your team as well

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The Qfast way

By using Qfast you can publish the WhatsApp, Email and SMS channels to students and allow them to receive your notifications in bulk and trace unique views of your message and also respond to their queries in either of these channels.


A simple workflow / rules engine allows you to alert when a message comes in during out of office hours and ensure critical messages are not missed.


Your team can now have their own login into Qfast to respond to and ensure university led communications are active and on time


A chatbot to ensure mundane questions are automatically answered and infinitely scale the operations without worrying about hiring more agents to respond. A lean technology machine will not only address huge load in spurts but also save lots of money